Pisces january 12 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore

These precious cycles happen for men too , though commonly they are not named as such. We call them young men, Fathers, old men — without particular reverence. Baby boys are adorable too.


They become spirited young men, eager to find their own way, to love, to become good shareholders, contributors to the enterprise, to be active in planetary action. They can become dear husbands, dedicated Fathers to our children, guardians of our society. As wise elder men, mentors, they guide younger men coming along, the next generation.

They teach life skills, save us time, get us to think more efficiently. Bless and be grateful to our champions. They laugh and mourn with us.

Gemini Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope July 8-15 12222

We cook, break bread and give each other recipe books, remodel the kitchen together! Shopping is terrific, comparing prices, getting important things we will use daily, baby clothes to antique furniture. Buying a home together is ultimate. No nook or cranny is overlooked when a Cancer is around. First date, prom.

Off to college, first job. Marriages, first home, first baby, first teeth, all the graduations! Pictures and albums, mementos are sweet documents. One day you might find yourself mining the genealogy of your ancestors! Our Planet is our home. Motherhood takes on new dimensions as the whole planet gets connected through the internet. We are becoming a world village and realize what affects one, affects us all as it ripples through and around us. We learn from each other. We act collectively as climate changes happen.

We realize the talents, values each has to share. Blessed be every day of your sweet life…. This is going to be pretty! On the evenings of July 12, 13 and 14, , watch for the bright waxing gibbous moon to swing by the giant planet Jupiter. Fortunately, the king planet is so bright that this world can easily withstand the lunar glare.

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After all, Jupiter is the 4th-brightest light in the heavens, after the sun, moon and planet Venus. Solstice brings extremes of daylight and darkness In N. Hemisphere, noontime shadows are shortest at this solstice Longest day for N. The th Congress is the most diverse in history: women take office, including 43 women of color.

Yet this new diversity is confined to one party. Support your women, ALL women! If you have chart factors at 16 degrees you will be connected to all three sets! As Saturn prepped with demolition, Jupiter will clean out the remaining nest then regroup and prosper. Be ready to help, protect yourself and others until this period passes after another 5 years. Saturn in Capricorn enters Aquarius Mar 21, Saturn, quite at home in its own sign, suddenly finds himself in a sign quite unlike himself. Victorian homes can be transformed inside and out! Maybe you will buy your first home this year or remodel the one you have.

Remodeling is quite an adventure that ups that resale value and can make your home a great pleasure to live in! He is a water planet in the last water sign, the last sign, seeking a deeper side of life. Neptune and Cancer are both artists, music lovers, ones who help others. Cancers can be very focused on their own culture and family, yet find a lot can be shared with people of other cultures.

Cultural difference may present no danger at all! That difference can be a blessed asset each gives. Neptune shows Cancers how amazing and wonderful the nutrition Cancers can teach is. It can heal people with various disorders, drug problems, how prevention is so valuable. Neptune knows how valuable safe comfortable shelter is that Cancer can help provide. How could we have forgotten what we once longed for so dearly? The very land is changing, affecting food supplies and location choices about where to live. Cancer is hawk-eye watching things unfold in every direction.

Traditions we relied on as givens are fading quickly. In many situations there will be little time to think it over, fewer choices. Good thing Cancers are intuitive and fast on their feet. Cancer is quick to see an opportunity, be first to sign up for the new class, get the new instructor! Foods are taking on new meaning, whether you grow it yourself, learn how it affects your body, is a natural remedy.

Fresh and organic are worth it.

Farsighted choices of land areas, could mean buying before prices rise. What you choose as an investment now may become quite valuable later on for personal use. Water will be a 1 factor. Children will ever be important. Uranus may make remarkable electronics available.

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Uranian genius may find new ways to live basic skills. Being well connected with Earth may save our lives. Chiron in Aries may come in good will, but be a little too pushy for Mom sign Cancer! So listen, maybe give the new stuff a try, you can always go back, or, hey, maybe show Chiron how they might be integrated. Some of those old remedies have worked for centuries, you know. Pay attention to the new business skills offered. Chiron, quick in Aries, may be long gone, but you find the best of what he had to offer does work. Cancer wants security. In Aries, Chiron can do a successful startup so quickly you can hardly believe it!

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If he remains in leadership, it can be challenging enough for him to hold and stay, opening branches, a franchise. That could work for Cancer. Now, in its own sign, it is truly full height! Capricorn essentially works for Cancer. And she needs his provision of shelter, earnings for upkeep, especially while she is having the babies. Though they have different demeanors, Cancer soft, Capricorn no nonsense, they have the same goals.


Raising kids can be a challenge between them. Cancers, do your best.

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Learn more about these matters. Otherwise, if you are out in the business world yourself, a good mentor is always a blessing. Watch how the successful ones do things. Be sure they are good people, not in it for greed and lost their Souls. Stay in your heart. It matters to your children. Who would have thought?! Saturn can be a real comedian! Aquarius is off in space or kinky crazy, usually a bit of both. Cancer is totally onboard with this, an excellent business person themselves!

Watching the big guys do their stuff is impressive and Cancer, quick on the uptake, uses their model quite well! Saturn in Aquarius works planetary media; Cancer get the story to the community, the women. Saturn takes charge of current evolution, the science of gathering Souls to make necessary change just as fast as possible.