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Should i be doing landscape designing or designing gardens? But i need to fit mars in as well! So, will it go well or should i look elsewhere? My mercury seems to be weak right? Neha — Angular kendra houses are those that are counted inclusively from the ascendant. In the limited information you gave me, it sounds like only Mercury 4th house and Saturn 1st house are angular. This is good for maths and sciences and related careers, eg, accounting, economics, programming, scientific research. Naresh — In describing your chart, you left out Mars. Therefore, on this basis I judge that you are not suited for government business because you lack initiative, leadership skill or administrative ability.

Furthermore, because absent Mars owns the 4th and 9th houses, your education is lacking.

Very nice article, sir my daughter has Capricorn ascendant ,Saturn moon Jupiter in fifth house and mars in eleventh house aspects each other and Sun in second and rahu in sixth can you suggest educational stream or profession.. Fields of Communications, Education or Marketing sector spring first to mind. When do I get an excellent job. How is my future? Consult a local astrologer. Nice article. My Mars is in 11th with Jupiter and Ketu.

I have Moon in 3rd, Rahu in 5th, Venus in 9th and Saturn in 12th.

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Anu — Your chart is identical to that of one Sayan Kumar Nath who asked a different question. Are you writing me under two different names?

Healing power of Gemstones in Vedic Astrology?

Re your question, Moon opposite Venus will always give artistic inclinations. Organize your time and follow your dream. Follow Alan on :.


Influences on the first and 10th houses Now that we understand the capacity for all planets to influence both the house they occupy and the house directly opposite, we realize that so long as a planet is angular it will either occupy or aspect the 1st or 10th house. Career themes by planet Aside from caste stereotypes, however, a more comprehensive understanding of planetary natures can afford much greater insight into career potential.

Career themes via planetary combinations Although a single strong planet might very well nudge the client into a certain occupation or career, in practice we expect more complexity. Logging In View October 16, Alan replied:. View January 19, View February 7, Also i want to know about my political career Thanks. View February 26, View April 24, View April 5, Sayan Kumar Nath. View May 9, View July 10, View April 15, Diptendu — Mechanic, engineer, technical writer.

Debanjan Mukherjee. View April 16, View July 12, View August 13, Daljeet singh. View August 25, View September 26, Amit Berry. View September 1, This guy explains vedic astrology plus makes us laugh in his videos durng boring lectures xD MR. Doesn't bother me. I find a lot of modern astrologers do this in books or online. They correspond nicely imo, so a planet in the house or sign act prettty similar. For instace my Ketu is in Sag in the 5th house and my fathers is in Leo not sure of the house. Pandit R. Sharma and Lada Duncheva are really very good astrologer, in my opinion they should get a complete 5 stars.

Last edited by akshat; at AM. Started looking at a few videos by Michele Knight. She's rather nice too. Originally Posted by Ranglobal. KRS has positive points: 1 Good presentation. He himself keeps changing gemstones worn by himself with no explanation. Anyone ever watched Alyssa Sharpe?

She dumbs things down a lot without making you seem ignorant.

Plus I like her funny personality. I did try watch her once. Her history as to how she got into was interesting. But I don't particularly follow her forecasts. They're not very appealing to me. Thread Tools. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. Contact Us - AstrologyWeekly.

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