Gemini ox compatibility

The Ox is the 2nd of the year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese Horoscope for the Ox warns that , the Year of the Pig, is one of major changes in personality and of clarifying many personal and professional aspects. Both Ox and Pig are farm animals, which share the same territory and have no reasons to hate each other or to be rivals.

This facilitates a good understanding between the natives, so it is expected for to be a generally auspicious year for the Ox. During the Earth Pig Year of , the Ox natives have the chance of obtaining recognition in the public life, to delight in the spotlight, to persuasively express their interests and their ideals, provided that they have mastered their emotional sensitivity, which is sometimes really high.

They also have the opportunity to participate in numerous social events and to establish new friendships.

Gemini Ox Horoscope, The Ingenious Gemini Ox Personality Character Traits

Moreover, it is necessary to be as flexible as possible and to make compromises, truces, instead of launching in unproductive battles. There is no way for the Ox natives to focus on ambitious long-term plans professionally, but they can maintain themselves afloat due to their practical sense, which is characteristic to their personality, due to their perseverance and their willingness to collaborate with the people around them. Thanks to the good understanding between the Pig and the Ox, the latter seems to have the possibility of laying the foundation of a new love relationship, standing under the sign of an intense mutual attraction, a relationship facilitated by a happy interaction in the social circle.

The natives who are already involved in a love relationship will have the chance to consolidate it, to deepen it, which could eventually lead to marriage.

Ox Compatibility Chart

The married natives might get blessed with the birth of a long-awaited child. The Ox natives are compatible with the Snake and the Rooster. They are going to have a great relationship both in love and in business. They complete each other wonderfully on all levels. The ox might push the horse to settle down.

They are simply striving for the steadiness they crave. And this makes the horse extremely unsettled.

Gemini Ox Man

The Chinese Ox and Horse in love might find that romance does not come easy. The horse is such an impulsive individual.

They paradoxically desire love and closeness but at the same time feel beneath others very often. This inferiority complex makes it difficult for them to be open, even with those they feel closest to. The ox thrives on a love that is stable and balanced. They are reserved, but cherish those they care about deeply.

This could prove to be a significant joining point for the ox and horse friendship. This could be what the horse needs in order to feel appreciated and desired. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! The trouble in a Ox Horse marriage comes in the form of longer term goals.

Gemini Ox Traits

The ox is logical and wants a family. The horse is very unconcerned and finds the prospect of putting down roots of any kind to be boring.

Gemini / Ox & Capricorn / Pig Compatibility

Sexually, both these astrology signs are not compatible in bed. The ox man is fairly levelheaded, but is displeased by the horse woman for not paying enough attention to him. The horse man is quite social and has a bubbly nature, but the ox woman is more systematic and serious. Test Now!

The ox male earns quite a lot of respect from the female horse, who still feels his partner is too stubborn. At the same time, the ox female finds it impossible to depend on the male horse due to his changeable moods and fickle attitude. When the ox is dating the horse , he or she might feel that the horse as lacking a sense of humor and boring to be around.

Gemini-Man, born in the Ox year, in the Bed

The Oxen will prefer someone who is more diligent and attentive.